Points below, here are the winning routes. We' should be able to squeeze in the 2nd-placed teams too, when we get them.

2018 preliminary results, off the cards without checking, may include misinterpetations. Liam, Rachel and Jerry are still out pulling controls in as we type!  #22 was in the right place according to the mapper who collected it! 12 Feb: Green Boat has mis-calculated and "Only a Hill" been promoted to top 4hr team.

Page down for earlier years, we'll get them onto the history page soon.

No. Team Name Members Points Class
833 Makara Peak Mudslingers Simon Kennett John Randal 1660 1st Men Vet
825 Lunachicks Kym Skerman Jill Westenra 1280 1st Wmn Vet
820 Directionally Challenged Kirtsy van Reenen Claire Baldwin Natasha Tomic Mark Bestbier Lucy Baker 920 1st Mix Open
842 Showing the Coasters Around Rachel Drew Iain McIver Katie Smith Troy Watson (Team divided) Very Minus Mix Open
803 L2 Leon Perrie Lara Shepherd TBC Mix Vet
829 Control Freaks Jeremy Stewart Emilee Walby DNS Mix Open
825 The Chocoholics Karsten Lorentz Ben Nistor DNS Men Open
426 Its Only a Hill Andy Jones Troy Kusabs Jas Brown 770 1st Men Vet
440 Green Boat Alastair Campbell George Willcock 710 Men Vet
451 Giddyup GG Graeme Silcock Gordon McDonald 660 -4L =656 Men Vet
424 Overthehill Ian McCabe Jenny Cossey 630 1st Mix Vet
438 Lightning Speed Robots Kelvin Thiele Cameron Thiele Bradley Thiele John Hurst Oliver Hurst 630 1st Mix Open
441 The Boyz Charlie Budd Finian Galbraith 620 1st Men Open
435 The Sea Cucumbers Brechtsje Tacoma Sytse Tacoma 580 Mix Open
445 Lost in Pace Leanne Dawson Camilla Railton 470 -1L =469 1st Wmn Vet
427 Wander Women Val Spooner Karen Orr 490 -49L =441 Wmn Vet
432 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Ken Hill Bruce Odams Shane Eager 430 Men Vet
443 No Spiders Christine Coulter-Heron Michael Heron 420 -9L =411 Mix Vet
  Bomb 2 Part of the Bomb team. Looks a bit like one big group:-)) 440 -36L =404  
419 BOMB Some of Jim Sutherland Joey Groves Howard Symmes Alex Grey Daniel Meares 440 -49L =391 Mix Vet
414 Blue Nomads Anna Lambrechtsen Chris Bramwell Liz Smith 300 Wmn Vet
450 Lost and Clueless Sarah Murray Emma Dunning 170 1st Wmn Open
453 Nigel No Wheels Thom Charles Robin Cameron Jones 550 -484L =66


Men Open
446 Kelburn Conquerors Simon Wakeman Kate Hansen Nick Willis TBC Mix Vet
449 Bunny Hopping Matt Landreth Hedda Oosterhoff Charles Wilson TBC Mix Open
428 Two Tyred Taylors Mike Taylor Ollie Taylor DNS Men Open


2017 results with checking of the maths (pretty good this time!) and consideration of the claims. Asterisks show changes and here are the voting results. Everyone had trouble with control 80, so the waterfall sign must have got washed away - allowed. But for control 55 (team 498), control 56 (team 435), control 65 (team 833) and control 70 (team 452), you were the only one to have trouble, so not allowed. We can make mistakes too so happy to enter into further correspondence. Small errors in class placings corrected 17 Feb.  Link here to Stories: 2017 including Winning Routes.

Overall Team Name Members Points Class
1 Nick and Greg Nick Hann Greg Thurlow 1840 1st Men Open
2 Dumb and Dumber Liam Drew Dave Armstrong 1515 1st Men Vet
3 Team Icebug Ya'll Same Weise James Bond Gav Bird 1500 2nd Men Open
4 Gone Fishing Calum Sutherland Jack Boon 1494 3rd Men Open
5 Squashed Bananas Rachel Drew Nick Collins Viv Prince 1460* 1st Mixed Vet
6 Lara and Leon Leon Perrie Lara Shepherd 1290 1st Mixed Open
7 Flying Takahes Mike Fee Jenny Visser 1280 2nd Mixed Vet
8 MMR Rachel Baker Marta Zanetti 1260 1st Women Open
9 Quality Time Len Rodenburg Pam Rodenburg 1141 3rd Mixed Vet
10 Lightning Speed Robots Kelvin Thiele Cameron Thiele 1140 4th Men Open
11 Around in Circles Billy Rodenburg Sara Novis 1119 2nd Mixed Open
12 Backyard Party Vaughn Woods Marcus Baguley 1000 2nd Men Vet
13 Fun Ventures Graeme Silcock, Ellen Mary Pullar 990* 4th Mixed Vet
14 Robin's Awesome Shark Story James Fraser Robin Cameron-Jones Thom Charles 890 3rd Men Vet
15 Lost Charlotte Ireland Jude Young 880 1st Women Vet
16 Bad Mash Isabella Kelly Caterina Poletti Nicola Goodwin Poppy Mitchell Annabel Jones 630* 2nd Women Open
17 Erica Erica Hindle Penny Mikkelsen 250 2nd Women Vet
1 Forgot the bikes Sam Walton Dylan Queen 770* 1st Men Open
2 Hart Sheila Hart Nicola Mitchell 690 1st Women Vet
3 Kath and Cam Katherine Allan Cameron Durno Jeremy Wade 666 1st Mixed Open
4 Eels Heather Kirkham Dan Pringle 640 1st Mixed Vet
5 Come ooonnnnn dad! Mike Taylor Ella Taylor Loulou Wright-Johns Ralph Johns 595 2nd Mixed Open
7 Stray the Course Mark Malone Geoff Ferry 690-121L=569 2nd Men Open
6 Hartataks Arthur Klap Victor K Gary Dick 590-49L=541* 1st Men Vet
9 Boman Eeva Boman Marcus Boman 470 3rd Mixed Open
8 Turnaround Muriel Seeley Lily Duval 460* 1st Women Open
10 Not the Karapoti Jo Boyle Renee Fowler 400 2nd Women Vet
11 Star Ben, Darcy Sutherland 390 4th Mixed Open
13 Blue Nomads Anna Lambrechtsen Chris Bramwell 360 3rd Women Vet
14 No Direction Val Spooner Dan Chaytor Karen Orr Sarah Best 330 2nd Mixed Vet
12 Speedsters Tim Hodgkinson Paul Tryon Chris Hay 320-4L=318* 2nd Men Vet
15 404 Not Found Cilla Harnett Josie leckie Emily Barr Libby Dempster Paula Collier 230 4th Women Vet
16 Ellie and Co Ellie Molloy Becky Gray Sophie Harrison 840-840L=0 Womens Open
17 Which Way Jose Jon Parker John Cuthbert Daniel Moore Gareth Alley 780-780L=0 Men Vet
  Flock of Seagulls D, Jane Kerslake DNS Mixed Vet
  Withdrawn Gavin Scott DNS Men Vet

2016 was run from Whareroa on the west side, and included a flat section in Queen Elizabeth Park. But further points had to be got by climbing into the headwaters of the Whakatiki River which eventually drains into the Hutt. Here are the preliminary scores taken straight from the result board at the event. Checking later. Max score was 2150. Page down for previous years' results.

No. Team Name Members Points Class
8057 Makara Peak Mudslingers Andrew McLellan Simon Kennett, Jonathan Kennett 1630 Men Vet
8049 Tough Like Jelly Rachel and Liam Drew, Sheila Hart 1510 Mixed Open
8041 The Epics Dean Ford Rob Batt (DNS: Paul Bird James Coubrough) 1399 Men Open
8050 Lightning Speed Robots Kelvin Thiele Martin Bayly (DNS:Richard Persson) 1390 Men Open
8038 Earth Sea Sky GZers Glen Warner Nick Lowe Nicole Ranger (DNS: Tom Bowen) 1210 Mixed Open
8062 Forgot the Bikes Sam Walton Antony Feek 1150 Men Open
8060 Rab/Lowe Alpine Mark Wallace Kathryn Bunkenburg 1120 Mixed Open
8036 Lara and Leon Lara Shepherd Leon Perrie 1120 Mixed Open
8048 Putt Putt Boom Billy Rodenburg, Greg Swanson 1070 Men Open
8037 Flying Takahes Jenny Visser Mike Fee Jenny Cossey 700 Mixed Vet
8043 Fools Errand David, James and Gabriel Robbins (DNS: Malcolm Robbins) 650 Men Open
8052 Simon and Jeff Simon Rea Jeff Wedgewood 640 Men Vet
8061 Rocks are my Friends Tom Wu Angus Watson 250 retd hurt Men Open
8046 Jenny Cossey Jenny and TBA DNS Mixed Vet
4054 One Control Too Many Graeme Silcock Steve Meeres 780 Men Vet
4070 No Spiders Christine Heron Mike Heron 570 Mix Vet
4063 MannMaxx Dave Mann Gordon McDonald 549 Men Vet
4056 Bomb Jim Sutherland Joey Groves Alex Grey 509 Men Vet
4042 Which Way Jose Jon Parker Gareth Alley John Cuthbert Daniel Moore 500 Men Open
4034 Ant and Others Ant Bradshaw Matt Farrar Tom Bradshaw Tom Adams Ali Quinn 460 Men Vet
4055 The Rangi Rockets Ken Hill Grant Rangi Kellett 498 Men Vet
4044 whatrunnersdo Chadima Kulathilake Orsolya Vincze 450 Mixed Open
4033 Anna and Julia Anna Lambrechtson Julia Hall 350 Women Open
4058 Rerailed John Kowalczyk Tony Pepperell Steve Davidson 346 Men Vet
4045 3 Nics and a Suz Nicole Hoy, Nicole Vipond, Suz de Geus, Nick Armstrong 290 Mixed Vet
4040 Whistle Up the Controls Gavin Scott Julia Fraser 285 Mixed Vet
4053 Two Blind Mice Dave Grant Jane Kerslake 200 Mixed Vet
4035 The Pig, The Rat and The Dog - We're Back! Fiona and Simon Pohlen, Gren Mail 199 Mixed Vet
4051 McAttack Arlette Kerbus Erwin Kerbus (DNS: Mandy Hancock ) 179 Mixed Vet
4059 Without a Paddle Nick Armstrong Cathal Curtin DNS Men Vet


2015 was a "NOT Ak Attack" year, the event was run in Belmont Regional Park. Scores with the additions and penalties checked. (Remember our user-friendly lateness formula of n-squared. Well friendly for a small lateness:-)) Asterisks indicate a change from the result on the day. Of course we can make mistakes too, report any more errors. Page down for last year's results.

Team Names Points Class
8hr category      
Makara Peak Mudslingers John Randal Simon Kennett 1840 Men Vet
Lightning Speed Robots Kelvin Thiele Richard Persson 1600 -16L =1584* Men Vet
Dumb and Dumber Ride Again Liam Drew, Barryn Westfield 1510* Men Vet
No bunnies here Nick Collins, Cath Hepplethwaite 1240 Mix Vet
Leon&Lara Leon Perrie Lara Shepherd 1100 Mix Open
Brookby Bikers Rob Miller Ket Bradshaw 1070 -1L =1069* Mix Vet
Always Suffering Jerome Sheppard Jill can't be trusted Westenra 940* Mix Vet
Flying Takahes Jenny Visser, Mike Fee 940 Mix Vet
Bush Bashers Billy Rodenburg Greg Swanson David Robinson 900 Men Open
Epic BMC Riders Jo Holden Nick Engleback 880 Mix Vet
Deliver us from Evil Nick Lowe Glen Warner Dave Rudge 770 Men Vet
Quack Attack Kerryn Jensen Katherine Spencer Demme Simkin Lisa Newman 720 Wmn Open
Bradshaw Boys Ant Bradshaw, Chris Tatham (4hrs but in the cool of the morning) 570 -16L =554 Men Open
4hr category      
Team Bridger Andrew Bridger Mark Malone Geoff Ferry 690 Men Open
The King and the Jester Mark Wallace James Coubrough 640 -1L =639* Men Open
Trail Blazers Emma Johns Graeme Harre Regan Pattison 630* Mix Open
Fellowship of the Chainring Richard Tait, Mark Wright 610 Men Vet
Christmas Pud Dave Mann, Gordon Macdonald 600* Men Vet
The Old Grae Meeres Graeme Silcock Steve Meeres 570 Men Vet
Dorises Do Belmont Jo Goudie Nic Mitchell Sheila Hart Julie Williams  480 Wmn Open
Marco Marco Renalli Ash Sparks 440 Men Vet
Curlywhirligigs Natasha Parker, Anna Lambrechtsen, Jon Parker 390 Mix Vet
Lost in 60 seconds Mark Maloney Nick Peters 380 Men Open
The Conkers Vicki Connor Stephen Parker 380 Mix Vet
Paul and Jim Paul Abbott Jim Jones 330 Men Vet
Lost on Bikes Roy Williams Simon Gilbert 300 Men Vet
Jo n John Wiebe Baron Jo Boyle 280* Mix Open
Orange Mud Anouk Minnaar Tinta Tan 270 Wmn Open
BOMB Jim Sutherland Howard Symmes Joey Groves Alex Gray Bill Clarke Bill's mate 260* Men Vet
Flying Frewins Hilary Frewin, Newton Frewin 150 Mix Vet
Tree Huggers Sam Middleton, Lucy Hollings 360 -225L =125 Mix Open
The Nix Nicole Hoy, Nic Vipond 250 -400L =-150 Wmn Vet
Team Betty Siobhan Quayle Kaylene Wilson - a lot Wmn Vet
Linda and Derek Linda and Derek Mead DNS Mix Vet



This was a REAL Ak Attack year! The event started at the Dude Ranch and covered the southern half of the Aka's.

Team Names Points Class
8hr category      
Vege Garden Jamie Stewart, Rob Garden 1070 Men Open
Ian and Ant Ian Paintin, Ant Bradshaw 1010 Men Vet
Tom and Liam Liam Paterson, Tom Spencer 990 Men Open
Ricoh Dean Ford, Paul Bird 870 Men Open
Crusher Collins and Pikelet Marquita Gelderman, Nick Collins 860 Mixed Vet
mcman Dave Mann, Ian McCabe 780 Men Vet
Aotea Eel Conservation Society Glen Warner, Heather Kirkham 720 Mixed Open
The Greenhorns Craig Butler, Ross Cheesman 360 Men Vet
FLKs Struan Webb, Natalie Irving 80 Mixed Open
4hr category      
Bad O-Men John Robertson, Magnus Bengtsson 501 Men Open
Tom and Rob Tom and Robbie Bradshaw 430 Men Open
Which Way Jose Jon Parker, Daniel Moore, John Cuthbert 400 Men Open
Lost Ranger Tom Bowen, Matt Davies, Mike O-Connor 290 Men Open
Lost in 60 Seconds Mark Maloney, Nick Peters 230 Men Open
Bigdeal Socks Colin Slater, Very Revd Jerome Sheppard 220 Men Vet
Karori Fumblers Dave Rudge, Jenny Cassie, Kevin Dickens 184 Mixed Vet
Green But Keen Jo Boyle, Steve Arden, Mat Walsh 110 Mixed Open
PG Trips Glynis Te Maipi-Kemp, Paul Ward 70 Mixed Vet
Dotty and Sky   DNS Mixed Vet